Spring in 2 Fitness 2018

A unique 10-week wellness experience that builds morale, improves health, and drives utilization of healthcare benefits. Spring in 2 Fitness addresses employee physical, mental, and financial well bring in a single, comprehensive solution.

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How fit can you be?

Employees enroll online and earn wellness points by doing healthy things like reporting daily exercise, learning about healthy lifestyles, participating in group events, and improving their biometrics. They compete for weekly and grand prizes based on their wellness points. They can also build teams with their workmates and compete for top team prizes.

Spring in 2 Fitness is a fun, 10-week experience that will engage, educate, and inspire people to be as fit as they can be.

This challenge delivers a full 10-week wellness event that includes:

  • Integration with over 60 leading activity tracking smart apps and wearable devices
  • A virtual personal health assistant for all participants, along with progress reporting
  • Weekly raffles and giveaways, a Grand Prize, three runners up prizes and trophies for winners.
  • Health education, team competitions, group activities, and more.
  • Team competitions and challenges

Our program addresses physical activity, utilization of healthcare benefits, health education, social events, and group activities. Designed to improve employee health and morale, participants earn wellness points by:

  • Reporting their daily personal healthy activities
  • Completing 7 health education modules (e.g. Sleep, Stress, Kidney Health, Nutrition)
  • Improving or maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Participating in group activities and team competitions.

Benefits Optimizations managers the entire process, so management is a breeze! Companies simply enroll in the challenge and promote it internally. Employees self-register on-line, and we do the rest! And the cost per participant is less than a cup of coffee per week.


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